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Abount ChainColosseum

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is a Web3 game application with built-in Game-Fi elements.
Players can earn in-game currency by fighting and defeating various monsters with heroes summoned from summoner’s book.
The heroes that the player owns and the in-game currency they earn will be on the blockchain. This can be traded between other players by using the marketplace.

Abount ChainColosseum

Game Play

  • Home


  • Battle


  • Mint


Token Allocation

Chain Colosseum Phoenix will issue Chain Phoenix Token(CPT).
CCTs will have an unlimited issue count and can be earned and used in-game by players.
Liquidity will be offered only in the early stages of the release.


  • 2022 Q4

    2022 Q4 NFT Sale Commences

  • 2023 Q1

    Βeta Version Release (iOS/Android)

  • 2023 Q2

    Official release
    Wallet for handling $OAS
    Various NFTs (in-game items, Hero, etc.)
    Other in-game items, in-game currency
    Character NFT training (parameters, resistances, skills, skill levels, characteristics)
    Battle with NPC (PvE)
  • 2024 Q3

    Implement Additional Functions





METAVERSE.Inc is a company dedicated to NFTs, blockchain technology and most importantly the Metaverse. We are finding ways to break new ground in the Metaverse.
With the introduction to blockchain and NFT technology, digital items have unprecedented value and the world you are used to is about to change.
Our main focus is to release applications that seamlessly connect to the Metaverse which in return will help people to express their individualism in Web 3.0.




T2WEB Corporation is a system development company in Japan.
Develop blockchain services and have expertise in the fields of De-fi, Game-fi, and the NFT Marketplace.